Nucs on sold out for 2023. 

Thank you for all your support!

Providing a source for local honey bees was the primary reason we started Bonnie Bee & Company.  Frustrated by high loss rates in Marin County and a lack of local stock to increase survival odds, we set out to find the best of the best from across the county.  In collaboration with other  beekeepers, we set out each spring to select the best colonies (selected for temperament, mite & disease resistance and/or tolerance, propolis collection and honey production) from which to graft queens – or even make splits.

Our queens are open mated in yards in central and west central Marin.

Four frame Nucs on deep (9 1/8″) sized frames or five frame Nucs on super / medium (6 1/4″) sized frames are available in the spring (late April – mid-May, exact timing dependent on weather).   Request size at time of ordering.  Optional delivery and installation also available.

We also offer OVERWINTERED NUCS*  which we estimate will be available for distribution at the end of March +/-.  If you’ve been keeping bees for a year or two in Marin, you’ve probably noticed that most of the build up happens between February – May.  After this time, comb building slows substantially in many areas of the county.   But timing for optimal queen mating comes near the end of this window, so the sping nuc colonies you purchase may not build up much in their first year.   While size is not as important as overall colony health, we’ve figured out a way that you can have both: buying overwintered nucs with queens mated during previous summer!   We’ve been experimenting with this for a few years and our customers who have purchased early season bees reported great build up, honey production – and even were able to split their bees and make additional increases.   Four frame, Overwintered Nucleus Colonies on deep (9 1/8”) or five frame Nucs on super / medium (6 1/4″) sized frames are available in the spring (late March – early May, exact timing dependent on weather).  Request frame size at time of ordering.  *NOT recommended for new beekeepers, unless you are working with an experienced mentor.



  • Refunds will be charged a $50 cancellation fee (per nuc) if requested before April 1
  • Refunds will be charged a $100 cancellation fee (per nuc) if requested between April 2 – April 15
  • No refunds for cancellations made on/after April 16

Additional services offered include delivery, installation, optional cardboard nuc box with screens (for better ventilation for those traveling longer distances with their new bees).

Please send in your request below to be put on our 2023 reservation list.  Additional information (including pricing) will be sent out to those on the list in early 2023.

A few ideas for alternative bee sourcing options:

– Catch a swarm…or set up a swarm bait hive!  Sign up to receive our newsletter for tips.

– Take a split from a friend’s colony.  Don’t know how?  We can help!

– Come to a Marin County Beekeepers meeting and meet other local beekeepers who may have bees to share.

Thanks for helping to keep our bees local!

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