Sold out for 2024

Providing a source for locally selected bees was the primary reason we started
Bonnie Bee & Company.

Check back in fall 2024 to place your spring 2025 Nuc order.

First select the size of frames either four-frame Nucs on deep (9 1/8″) sized frames or five-frame Nucs on super / medium (6 1/4″) sized frames

Please note these mandatory conditions of live sale:
You are responsible for knowing the day you have selected for picking up your bees. Bees that are not picked up on the date selected will be forfeited.

No refunds, cancellations, or date changes after April 1, 2024. You will be charged a $50 fee for cancellations or date changes prior to April 1, 2024.
We reserve the right to postpone pick-up dates if weather delays are a factor in queen mating.

Reminder: Nuc colonies are not compatible with Top Barr Hives or Warre Hives. We do not sell package bees.

Options for Medium Frame Nuc

Select One Pickup Date

Options for Deep Frame Nuc

Select One Pickup Date


A few ideas for alternative bee sourcing options:

– Catch a swarm…or set up a swarm bait hive!  Sign up to receive our newsletter for tips.

– Take a split from a friend’s colony.  Don’t know how?  We can help!

– Come to a Marin County Beekeepers meeting and meet other local beekeepers who may have bees to share.

Thanks for helping to keep our bees local!

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